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Refunds policy

All Fees are refundable until 25th of June 2017. Any refund requests after that date cannot be fulfilled. We will consider special cases. All refunds will have to support the bank comission and should be made to the Organisation Comittee at the email address [email protected].



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Requested data for the payment of the Formec 2017 fee
– by bank transfer

  1. The Beneficiary
    1. Name of the Beneficiary: Asociația pentru Dezvoltare și Inovare în Economia Verde (ADIGE)
    2. Address of the Beneficiary: str. Islazului,bl.23,ap.3,550145 Sibiu
    3. Headquarters of the Beneficiary: str. Islazului,bl.23,ap.3,550145 Sibiu
    4. Country of the Beneficiary: Romania
    5. Account / IBAN of the Beneficiary: RO42 INGB 0000 9999 0649 7894
    6. VAT number of Beneficiary: CIF 36831787
  2. Bank of the Beneficiary
    1. Country of the Beneficiary’s Bank: Romania
    2. BIC (SWIFT code): INGBROBU
    3. Name of the Beneficiary Bank: ING Bank RAMADA SIBIU
    4. Address of the Beneficiary bank: Str. Emil Cioran No.2,Sibiu
    5. Headquarters of the Beneficiary bank: ING BANK Amsterdam